At Lily & Kate, our focus is on you ... the customer.  You're why we're here.  We want to connect with each and every one of you and provide a happy escape from from the reality of daily life.  Each shopping experience with us will be fun and lighthearted so you leave us wanting to come back!  And our products are carefully selected with you in mind.        Finding a new product and having customers love it ... priceless!

This is how we do it ...

  • Made in America - We are proud to carry items made in the good old USA.  This is the deciding factor many times when we're looking at products to carry in the store. 

  • Local and Handmade Items - There is a huge amount of talent available to us locally.    We're always excited when we find a local designer to support. 


  • Whimsy & Humor - Feel good products that speak to the heart.  Some of our products will give you a chuckle, while some will make you want to pee your pants...  you're welcome!

  • Tried and True - Some of our "staple" products are our favorites.  A deliciously scented candle, luxurious hand cream, a fabulous piece of jewelry, a pretty scarf, a precious baby  sweater, a funny sign, the right picture frame, a must have selfie mirror.

  • Personalized Gifts - Always great for the person or couple who have everything. 


  • Complementary Gift Wrapping - Your gift will be wrapped beautifully for presentation so you're ready to party!

So we hope you visit us often because you never know what you'll find!